Hormonoly Yours…. Hormones and Your DNA.

If you’ve been keeping up with recent health news you’ve probably heard that hormone therapy may reduce the risk of dementia and possibly the onset of Alzheimer’s in some patients. Have a look at the full story here on the NBC website. The study, undertaken over two years involved 63 post-menopausal women that were voluntarily taking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Half of the women in the study were asked to stop taking their hormones. Researchers measured the telomeres of each woman at the start and end of the study. (Telomeres are found on the end of each chromosome and protect genes from deteriorating). At the end of the study the women not on hormone therapy that carried the Alzheimer’s gene showed more rapid shortening of the telomeres, indicative of more advanced cellular aging.
Researchers believe that this could mean that hormone replacement therapy may reduce the risk of cellular aging, including the risk of dementia, for those that carry the Alzheimer’s gene. Future studies will be needed to determine the exact implications of this study, but this does provide researchers with a good starting point for future research.

It is not yet proven that hormone replacement therapy can slow the effects of Alzheimer’s. However we do see the dramatic results this treatment can provide every day in our office. Our patients use hormone replacement therapy to boost energy levels, stabilize blood pressure, increase bone strength, boost memory, improve skin tone and more.

As the body ages hormone levels naturally begin to decline.  This can lead to hormones being “out of balance”. Since hormones work with many parts of the body and control everything from hunger cravings to metabolism to sexual function and more; a small imbalance can have a big impact on you feel. By once again balancing your hormones you can start looking and feeling your best once again.

Customize Your Hormonal Replacement to Meet Your Needs.
Everybody is an individual, and this means that your hormonal needs will be as individualistic as you are. To find the best treatment for you we will carefully evaluate your need for hormone replacement therapy using diagnostic testing to create a hormonal panel. This panel is used by Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash and our team of medical professionals to create an individualized plan. We aim to stabilize your hormonal levels by replacing hormones levels that are currently low.
We use bio-identical hormones in our clinic. These hormones are chemically identical to the hormones that your body produces and often have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones. We offer a variety of different hormones depending on your unique needs including: estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone and melatonin. Our approach is always as holistic and natural as possible.

Are your hormones out of balance? We can help you find the optimal balance for your health and wellbeing. While the effects of hormone replacement therapy on Alzheimer’s is yet undetermined, we know that balanced hormones are an essential part of looking and feeling your best.

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